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Let’s strengthen our voice in the European Union

On 25 May, Maltese and European citizens will continue to have an opportunity to make their voices heard by voting for their representatives at the Euro Parliament for the next five years. The result of this vote will have a considerable impact not only on the voices of EU citizens, but on the direction which will be taken by the EU in the next five years.

The MEP elections should serve for citizens to show not only that they have hope for a better future but that they will take the chance to use their vote to play their part in how they want the EU to be in the future. The vote of European citizens elects candidates who will represent them in the next term and determines the formation of the political groupings within the Euro Parliament.

The Euro Parliament has an important role in the process of decision-making within the EU. While the European Commission makes the proposals for new laws and initiatives, the Euro Parliament can approve, amend, or refute these proposals together with the Council of Ministers.

Within this context, the political group which wins the majority of seats in the Euro Parliament will have an effect on who is appointed President of the European Commission for the next five years. This is because, normally, the EC President usually comes from the political group which wins the majority in the Euro Parliament. In fact, the current President of the EC, Jean-Claude Juncker, comes form the European People’s Party.

It is therefore important that everyone goes out to vote on 25 May. The vote of the citizens is a vote towards a fruitful future in the EU, and a vote for European citizens to strengthen their say in the decisions which are taken. For more information about the European elections one can visit the website of the Europe campaign, or contact Europe Direct Valletta, which is managed by MEUSAC on [email protected] or on 2200 3316.


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