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LGBTIQ prepares for another edition of Malta Pride Parade

The LGBTIQ community is making preparations for another edition of the Malta Pride Parade, with organizers saying the event is a celebration of diversity and also new rights achieved by the community which placed Malta in the forefront in world classification of respect for their rights.

Various non-government organizations, close to this community which is estimated to represent more than 10% of the population, are preparing for next Saturday’s celebration featuring, among others, floats, music and dancing.

David Bajada, an activist in the LGBTIQ community, says the event has a strong significance for the whole community. “The fact that such events are held make people understand more; people think these are only parties, make up…but they are more than that, there is love, unity, families”.

Peter Gatt, known in the drag scene because he dresses as woman for the occasion, told us that during the parade he feels he can express his feelings and diversity. “When you go out, you see people supporting you; we feel the same atmosphere and that what makes pride different from other things”.

However, not everyone agrees with such an event, including a group calling itself ‘Pro Malta Christiana’, which on the eve of the parade will organize a rosary praying activity as a reparation for the Gay Pride Parade.

TVM asked for comments by the group, however a spokesperson said he did not wish to comment further on the statement the group issued, in which it showed the disappointment on the fact that the Curia disassociated itself from the activity although the group is composed of active and practicing Christians.

The activity, publicized on Facebook, is being held by Pro Malta Christiana which, as a Curia spokesperson confirmed, does not form part of the Maltese Church. In comments to TVM, the Curia stated that the Church respects persons of every sexual orientation and understands the dignity of each one of them.

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