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Liam Debono given three years’ probation, €5,000 fine and has licence suspended for five years

Liam Debono, pleaded guilty to an updated list of charges brought against him, including the theft of two cars and a motorcycle and of driving without a licence. He apologised to the four elderly people concerned who forgave him and declared that they have no interest in proceeding with a criminal case.

Liam Debono spoke about his involvement in these cases and admitted that he had driven the cars and had collaborated with the police in connection with these crimes.

The defence attorney Franco Debono told the Court that Liam wants to start a new life where he confessed to everything at an early stage of the proceedings and had co-operated with the Police.  Liam Debono, who apologized to his victims, asked not to be handed a prison sentence but a sentence which would help him reform himself.

Magistrate Joe Mifsud found him guilty of the charges brought against him. Debono, who carried out the crimes when he was under 18, was handed a  three year probation, fined €5,000 which needs to be paid within three years, and had his driving license suspended for five years.

This hearing had nothing to do with the charges brought against Debono in connection with the PC Simon Schembri case, which is being heard in separate court proceedings which are still ongoing.

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