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Liam Debono requests moral damages before he stands trial

Liam Debono, who is charged with the attempted murder of a policeman in May three years ago in Ħal Luqa, requested moral damages before he stands trial.

Debono awaits trial for the attempted murder of constable Simon Schembri when he ran him over and dragged him for various metres with his car, causing him 66% disability.

In a constitutional case, the youth declared that his right for a fair hearing has already been breached and requested moral damages.

20-year old Debono is already serving a five-year prison sentence for breaching a probation and was caught driving while on release from custody conditions.

His lawyer, Dr Joe Brincat, argues that Debono was the subject of a bombardment by the media, with comments on him by both journalists and people on the social media. He stressed the importance that jurors are not negatively influenced by the comments and by what they heard with certain insistence on the media.

The defence added that the right of expression is also subject to restrictions of third persons rights and their protection. These include the right for a fair hearing which, he said, cannot be present where circumstances which are linked with the accident that Debono is accused with, are being continuously bombarded on the media.

Therefore, Debono’s defence lawyer requested the court to declare a breach for fair hearing and the right of appeal in a criminal issue, to provide a remedy and moral damages.