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Liberalisation of fast ferry service between Malta and Gozo

The Government has liberalised the fast ferry service between Gozo and Valletta. Minister Ian Borg said this will commence from 1st June onward and the voyage has to be completed by 45 minutes. He added the Government will be investing €5 million in two wharfs and facilities for passengers. Gozo Minister Clint Camilleri said that Gozitan employee and students that have to travel to Malta for work or study will be given a discount.

The fast ferry will operate between a wharf at Mġarr in Gozo to the old Fisheries/Customs Wharf, and the €5 million investment will provide facilities for passengers, including sanitary facilities and for the sale of tickets. Dr Borg said the service will be continuous.

He said the criteria will remain open and he is looking forward to the time when there will be more than one operator and maybe two, or even more, and this will enable passengers to make a choice.

Minister Borg said those using the service will have free use of the elevator service to Barrakka to enable greater transport connectivity.

The Minister for Gozo, Clint Camilleri, said the discount being given to those who use the Gozo Channel ferry will benefit from the same capping when using the fast service.

Transport Malta will oblige all information for this fast service be given to all intended operators in an equal manner. Operators of the service will be eligible for exemption from Excise Duties