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Conditional liberty for man who attacked PD candidate

A man who attacked a Partit Demokratiku (PD) candidate who will be contesting the forthcoming Local Council elections has been granted conditional liberty and ordered to stay away from the candidate.

Jack Azzopardi (32) from Qrendi was arraigned in Court and accused of having attacking and slightly injured Charles Polidano, as well as having damaged his vehicle and breaching the public peace.

Police Inspector Trevor Micallef told the Court that Azzopardi attacked Polidano after the latter contacted Azzopardi’s mother and asked her to approve his candidacy.

The woman, who is illiterate, signed the candidacy form on Saturday and after that Polidano said that Azzopardi telephoned him a number of times and used abusive language as well as threatening him.

Polidano added that matters took a turn for the worse yesterday when the accused waited for him near his front door and allegedly attacked him as he was trying to enter into his vehicle.

Lawyer Nicolette Schembri, who appeared for the accused, said that Azzopardi had reacted in this manner because his mother was a vulnerable person and he argued with Polidano maintaining that the PD candidate had duped his mother by telling her he was a Labour Party candidate.

Azzopardi admitted to the accusations and was given conditional liberty for a period of two years after both parties agreed this to be a suitable sentence. A Protection Order was issued for Polidano while Azzopardi was granted a period of six months to make good the damages he caused.

Polidano refuted allegations that he had gained the woman’s approval through duplicity and deplored that he had not been called to give his testimony in the case.

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