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Libyan charged with girl’s attempted murder in St Julians

A 31-year-old Libyan has been arraigned in Court and charged with seriously injuring a girl from Marsaxlokk with a knife wound to her neck after he tried to rob her in St Julians last month. Rawad Briga Abdelsalam, who lives in Tarxien, was arraigned before Magistrate Marseanne Farrugia and charged with the attempted murder of the 25-year-old girl. The attack took place in Lourdes Lane, St Julians on 28 August.

The accused allegedly approached the victim and her friend, a 33-year-old Polish woman, and tried to steal their handbags. It appears that the women tried to stop him, at which stage he took out a knife and attacked the girl before snatching her handbag and running away. The girl was hospitalised in a critical condition.

The Libyan was charged with grievously injuring the girl and with causing permanent injuries, and also with stealing her handbag which contained a mobile and 20 euro. He was also charged with being a relapser, carrying a weapon during the commission of a crime and breaking the public peace.

Lawyer Fransina Abela requested the Court to appoint a psychiatrist to present an evaluation of the accused, but this was objected to by the Prosecution, with Inspector Saviour Baldacchino explaining that the accused was already being detained in prison in connection with other crimes, and at no stage had it been alleged that he suffered from psychiatric problems. Dr Abela said that in his statement the accused declared that he had drunk a bottle of vodka and had even taken some tablets before committing the crime. The Court appointed a psychiatrist to examine the accused, and warned the accused that he would have to pay for the expense if nothing resulted from this examination. The Libyan was detained under arrest.

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