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Lidl will open regional centre in Malta – will increase jobs by 120

Economy Minister Chris Cardona announced during a ‘Gvern li Jisma’ meeting that the Malta Enterprise and the Malta Industrial Parks have reached agreement with Lidl to establish in Malta a Regional Distribution Centre.

Minister Cardona said that the investment will create more than 120 jobs and that the benefits of the centre are not only limited to jobs only but it will have an effect on exports.

In three years’ time, Lidl company will increase from €3 million to €22 million the amount of locally manufactured products which in their majority will be exported.

The Minister said that the company will recur to other companies in Malta who manufacture products, it buys from them and then export the products to various destinations.

Dr Cardona added that this is a classic example of the great potentiality of the country in the logistics sector and augurs well for more companies with an international reputation, such as Lidl, to set up similar operations in the country.

He stated that since the beginning of 2016, 20 projects were approved with foreign investments, including investment in big projects by Playmobil, Aurobindo, Crane Currency, Toly Products, Baxter and Pharmacare.

Minister Cardona said that these projects are expected to create no less than 1,142 new jobs, 854 of which in the manufacturing sector.

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