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Which are this summer’s most popular films?

Hollywood announced the death of actor and producer Peter Fonda at the age of 79 after he lost his battle with cancer. He will be best remembered for the film he wrote, produced and acted in, in 1969 – Easy Rider. This summer Walt Disney Productions has consolidated its box office attraction with four of the top five audience-drawing films being their productions in what is being classed as an extraordinary year for Disney.

Disney’s film Avengers: Endgame has become the most successful box office draw in the history of cinema.

Mario Azzopardi said this is followed by The Lion King which is another Disney production followed by a Sony film which is Spiderman The Homecoming. This is followed by two other Disney productions, Aladdin u Toy Story 4.

Film critic Azzopardi continued by saying that the four top Disney films have grossed six billion dollars between them while the other six in the top ten have not even grossed half as much.

The cinema world brings successes and disappointments. Mario Azzopardi said that Warner Brothers said they expected that Godzilla would be a certain success and would fare better than it has done. However, the summer’s greatest disappointment has been The Dark Phoenix which has been classed as one of the worst films by X-Men. The film Man in Black International has also not fared well.

Maltese cinema audiences also expressed their preferences during the 12 summer weeks.

Azzopardi said six weeks were dominated by Aladdin, two weeks by Spiderman The Homecoming, and naturally, two weeks dominated by The Lion King.”

By year’s end it appears Disney will continue with its successes including the sequel Maleficent: Mistress of Evil” and around Christmas time a long awaited other episode of Star Wars.

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