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Life and death of two priests inspired two youths for priesthood

Roderick Baldacchino and Jean-Claude Schembri will be ordained priests this morning  by Archbishop Charles J. Scicluna. Their ordination is being transmitted on TVM2.

The two deacons, both aged 25 and who were brought up and live in Żejtun, were very active at the St Catherine’s Parish, which has not had a diocesan priest for almost 20 years.

Speaking with TVM, the two deacons recalled how the life and death of two priests at the Żejtun parish left their mark on their decision to pursue the priesthood call. Dun Rene Cilia had died in a traffic accident in 2012, while Dun Eric Overend, who served as Żejtun archpriest had died suddenly a year after.

Roderick Baldacchino said: “Dun Rene and Dun Eric provided us with good examples with their encouragement and work at the parish…we became closer to God. Despite their work, they found time for praying and to be close to the people and the village they loved”.

Jean-Claude Schembri stated: ” Their deaths inspired me to look into what was really in my heart. I felt a call, an invitation from God to pursue the same work of these two priests for the good of my life and the parish community”.

Excited and a bit fearful prior to their ordination, Dun Roderick and Dun Jean-Claude stated that this is not the point of arrival but the point of departure. They expressed their conviction that as the Lord has led them to this occasion, He will also lead them during their priesthood.

Two other priests will be ordained this morning with these two deacons: Joshua Cortis from Żamrun and Mark Scicluba of the Capuchins Order.