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Life expectancy in Malta is higher than European average

According to the Country Health Profile 2017, the Maltese have a very good life expectancy and that Maltese citizens live 90% of their life in a good state of health. Life expectancy in Malta is also higher than the European average, which is 81.9 years of age, while the European average is 80.6 years.

The Government said in a statement that improvement made in the country’s health sector in recent years was recognized by the European report, which analyzed the state of health in European Union states. It stated that the report notes that expenditure in the sector is always rising, which is also leading to more health services. The report also refers to accessibility the Maltese have for health services.

The report further notes a decrease in deaths caused by diseases related to cardiovascular problems and certain types of cancer. 27% of deaths in Malta are caused by cancer, however the report says that in recent years there was a substantial decrease in deaths caused by breast cancer; an improvement registered in cure rates of melanoma, in prostate cancer and thyroid cancer, among others.

While the report mentions that the number of smokers in Malta is decreasing every year, it acknowledges that obesity remains a big problem. The report praised government initiatives in this sector, including the campaign entitled Piż Tajjeb Tul Ħajtek.

While mentioning the reduction of waiting time for various medical interventions and tests in recent years, the report also refers to other initiatives such as Sunday operations and private sector initiatives. It emphasized the National Cancer Plan introduced in recent months which pledged that more cancer medicines will be introduced in the Government formulary.

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