Life on Venus? Astronomers detect phospine gas in the atmosphere around the planet

The presence of the gas known as phosphine in the atmosphere around the planet Venus may be an indication of alien life.

The discovery, made by a team of international researchers led by Jane Greaves from Cardiff University, is being seen as a very important one for knowledge about our solar system.

Phosphine is a foul-smelling gas found in the feces of some animals and is produced by bacteria and microbes. This can also be a result of industrial processes.

Since the atmosphere on Venus, known in Maltese as Żahrija, is very acidic, this type of gas is quickly destroyed, so researchers came to the conclusion that something was creating this gas constantly.

The researchers made it clear that their discovery was not conclusive evidence of the existence of life on Venus, and that much more research was needed to confirm this.

However, based on what has long been known to science in respect of this planet, there is no other activity such as a volcanos, sunlight or lightning, which can create this large amount of phosphine which has been observed.

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