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“I ask the Lord what have I given more than others?'” – Cardinal Grech’s mother

Because of the pandemic today’s ceremony was different to the usual and limited with the attendance of just a few persons. Because of travel restrictions, two of the 13 appointed Cardinals were not even able to attend the ceremony in Rome.

However, present for the occasion were the parents of Monsignor Mario Grech, still lively although elderly. We met them before they travelled to Rome.

The Grech family is filled with love and understanding and this can be felt when entering their residence at Kerċem. Monsignor Grech’s mother Stella said she asks the Lord what has she given more than others?

We were met in the front room which is likened to a museum with a great display of photographs and portraits of the family members, including Monsignor Mario Grech, his mother Stella saying his childhood was like that of any other but he had always not been afraid to carry responsibility.

Parents Stella and George Grech have been married for 65 years that have been felt with love that has embraced the whole family.

One year into their marriage, the first-born, Mario, was born followed by a daughter who sadly passed away after a week.

Eighteen months ago, Stella, George and two of their children Mario and Carmel went to Lourdes in France. On one of days, George the father had a thought that he shared with his son Mario; a thought that became a reality a few hours later….follow what happened here: