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Limited presence of father during labour is among measures which will be relaxed soon

Deputy PM Chris Fearne last night announced in Parliament that if the pandemic remains under control in Malta, one of the new measures which will be taken within the next three months will be to allow fathers-to-be to join the mother during the whole time she is in labour in hospital.  At the moment, the father is only allowed in during the final, last stage of labour.

Minister Fearne was speaking in Parliament during the debate on the financial estimates of this year for the Authority for the Protection of the Embryo, which was approved, with the Opposition asking for a formal vote.

He said that relaxing of the measure  is being done following discussions with clinical doctors and other doctors in the health sector and he is aware that the risks involved will be slightly increased. He said that if the pandemic numbers do not increase, the IVF process will also open, however whether or not to continue the process will be the decision of the couple involved.