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Liquigas says cylinder at Ħ’Attard exploded because of heat from fireplace

Liquigas Malta has stated that following an inquiry which the company carried out, it concluded that the cylinder which exploded in Ħ’Attard at the beginning of the year, had exploded because it had been subjected to excessive heat from a fireplace exhaust, which caused damage to the cylinder.

Besides this conclusion, the company is still awaiting the conclusions of the ongoing magisterial enquiry.

The incident had occurred in Ħ’Attard on 9 January at about 11.00 p.m., when an explosion was heard, and it had resulted that a cylinder had exploded. No one had been injured in the incident.

The Liquigas statement points out that the cylinders are designed according to international standards, and can be used without any danger in local environmental conditions such as the summer heat. It added, however, that if a cylinder is subject to external heat, this will lead to damage.

Liquigas Malta reminded its clients that they should give consideration to where they place the cylinders, both when full and when empty.

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