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List of food for children’s parties at schools was prepared together with nutritionists – no more pastizzi and soft drinks

Education and health authorities maintained the decision on healthy food in children’s parties at schools, with the food and drinks are provided according to the approved list to avoid certain unhealthy food. During parties at schools in the coming days, the food and drinks should not include among others pastizzi, pizza, sausage rolls and soft drinks.

Although the decision is meant to raise awareness among children on the choices of healthy foods, there were divergent opinions on the issue even from educators with the Teachers’ Union describing the list of products supplied at parties as ridiculous, rigid and restrictive, and called for its review.

However, the Public Health Superintendent and Director General Prof. Charmaine Gauci stated that the food list for children’s parties was drafted together with nutritionists and home economics teachers. “If one looks at the list, there are many foods that children like and may eat. They can still enjoy Christmas and enjoy themselves in the parties”.

The initiative even goes beyond Christmas parties. “We wish that children may themselves deliver the message to adults that what they learnt at school, the recipes even certain Christmas traditional foods, may be adapted to being healthy and may deliver the recipes at home and families live healthier”, Prof. Gauchi added.

Educational officer, Lorraine Dimech Magrin, also stressed that the food list was selected in consultation with educators. She said that the policy on schools food was made in 2015 and implemented this year through a legal notice. “The food list sent to school is the same as that of last year. Now that we have a legal framework we are informing schools to conform themselves and will know what has changed”.

The Public Health Superintendent stated that despite the comments made even on the social media, there were positive comments and noted that certain confectioners adapted their menu with a variety of food which is healthy.

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