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LISTEN: “Half an hour will cost you €70 and for the three of us it will be €400”

While there is considerable expectation for the action which will be taken by te Government following the public consultation on human trafficking and prostitution, an investigation by the programme INSIGHTS which was transmitted on Sunday night on TVM shows that prostitution can come in many forms. It also turns out that as the law stands, it is not taking into consideration new circumstances which then develop into prostitution.

Scenes of women loitering for the purpose of prostitution in certain areas such as Gzira and Marsa have been considerably reduced, perhaps because the activity has now been transferred over to shops which advertise themselves as massage parlours. Another situation is found in gentlemen’s clubs which promote dancing girls, but which are often rumoured to be for other things which take place in private.

Another reality, which is rarely mentioned, involves the so-called escorts with tens of young girls – the majority of whom are foreigners – who advertise their sexual services in Malta. Websites which advertise these services show that the activity is carried out mostly in rented apartments in Sliema, Msida and St Julian’s, however the women are also ready to visit other places such as hotels. From research we carried out it results that in many of these cases, the names of the women and their basic details, as well as their seductive photos, are not real. What is definitely real is the mobile number on which they are contacted.

How much do you charge per hour?
€80 in all
Everything. Massage. Sex.

Are you Maltese?
Half Maltese, half English.

Are you coming by bus?
We can meet at the last bus stop in Bugibba then.
Yes, near the terminus.

Another woman asked us to meet her near a hotel in Sliema.

Half an hour will cost you €70.
Want to have sex?
Yes love, I’ll come with you.

We asked if we could also have sex with her friend.

Yes, dear. Bring some more money and the three of us can all have sex.
€200 for the three of us?
€200 for me, and another €200 for my friend.
For an hour?

Yes dear.

The investigation, which was spread over different sectors, shows that while the services are advertised on various websites, in this industry it is not just women but even men who are ready to offer their sexual services.

In this edition, INSIGHTS discussed the various faces of prostitution. Inspector Joseph Busuttil from the Vice Squad said under the current law, the service of escorts advertised on the Internet are not illegal. Inspector Busuttil explained that this law is broken when there is loitering for the purposes of prostitution in public places.

You can watch a repetition of the programme on TVMi.

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