Liturgic art using mosaic, from Gozo to Madrid

Over these last few days, many people in Rabat, Gozo noticed that the public staircase which leads from the bus terminus to St Francis square is almost ready. The stairs are decorated with mosaic works which represent the seven days in which the world was created.

This is another example of liturgic art made by Dun Roberto Gauci who manages Eikon Centre. Before the pandemic outbreak he had just exported his first work of art.

At the beginning of the outbreak Dun Gauci spent two weeks in quarantine at the Liturgic Art Centre, Eikon, which is on the road to Ta’ Pinu. This was because he had just come back from the Jesuit college in Madrid where he had just taken his first work of art abroad.

“They now have a mosaic on the facade which shows the calling of St Ignatius and his friends”, said Dun Gauci.

Television Malta visited the Eikon centre before the pandemic began to spread from one country to the other. Dun Roberto said that art is an expression of faith.

“It is a present mystery, not a theory but it is an experience which we live. That is Christianity,” he pointed out.

Dun Roberto studied under the direction of Fr Rupnik at the centre in Rome and worked in various countries with him: from the US to Brazil, Hungary, Italy and Paris. He said that this was not only an artistic experience but also taught him how an artist can work within the Church.

The people of Malta and Gozo are more familiar with Dun Roberto’s work because of the mosaic in front of the Sanctuary of Our Lady at Ta’ Pinu.

“I believe it is a blessing that Ta’ Pinu was the last step but was the first step for something else because that is life. There are phases and one door closes and others open, ” he said.

In fact, one of the most important projects at Eikon Centre was the decoration of the new staircase in Rabat.

“It is a very appropriate theme. Creation is a gift – but creation is also a responsibility because man is not the owner of this creation but simply the administrator,” said  Dun Roberto.


Dun Roberto explained how he uses stone in his mosaics – which he described as an expression of creation.

“We use mosaic like the painter uses paint directly on a canvas, we are not copying anything.”

Among the works made by Eikon Centre there is the via crucis at the  Iklin church, the mosaic at the entrance of the Curia in Gozo and at  the chapel at the Nadur cemetery.

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