LIVE: World Summit on Arts and Culture in Malta

The seventh edition of the World Summit on Arts and Culture is being held at the Mediterranean Conference Centre in Valletta between 18 and 21 October.

The theme chosen for this edition of the Summit is ‘At the Crossroads? Cultural Leadership in the 21st Century’. Other editions of this Summit had been organised in Canada, Singapore, the UK, South Africa, Australia and Chile, and proved their potential in stirring up international co-operation, learning and sharing of information for agencies supporting the arts, artists, managers and those who draw up policies on arts and culture around the world.

Over 400 representatives of Governments, arts managers, those involved in culture and persons who plan policies are taking part in the Summit. The Summit will include debate and sharing of information.
The Summit is being organised by the International Federation of Arts Councils and Culture Agencies (IFACCA) and the Malta Arts Council, the Malta Government’s national agency for development and investment in the cultural and creative sectors.
The Director of the programme for the seventh edition, Dr Nina Obuljen, is an expert in cultural and media policies with particular interest in cultural diversity and cultural relations and co-operation at international level.
The IFACCA Board, led  by chairman Stephen Wainwright, Chief Executive of Creative New Zealand, is meeting in Malta between 18 and 19 October to discuss plans for the Summit. More information on the IFACCA Board is available on the following site:

Also attending are the Executive Director Sarah Gardner and the Deputy Director Magdalena Moreno from IFACCA’s Sydney headquarters.

More information regarding the World Summit on arts and Culture is available from the electronic site

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