Prosecution maintains to Jury that Serbian had the intention to murder Hugo Chetcuti

The Jury Trial of Serbian Bojan Cmelik standing accused of the homicide of Hugo Chetcuti is nearing its end. Today, Judge Aaron Bugeja, continued to address the Jury which it will be anticipated will deliver its verdict tomorrow. The Judge explained to the Jury the different aspects of Law regarding homicide before deliberations star to reach a verdict.

Earlier, the Serbian’s Defence contended that medical professionals carried part of the responsibility for Chetcuti’s death but the Prosecution contended that Bojan Cmelik had the intention of premeditated homicide.

The Jury Hearing of entrepreneur Hugo Chetcuti began a week today with 38-year-old Cmelik being accused of the homicide of 52-year-old Chetcuti in 2018 by stabling him to death. If found guilty Cmelik faces a life-term imprisonment sentence.