Renowned local actor John Mansueto dies

The death of the renowned Maltese actor John Mansueto has been announced. For the past six years, John has been a major actor in the local TV series “Ħbieb u Għedewwa” (“Friends and Foes”) which was successfully aired on TVM.

In a post on Facebook, actor Henry Zammit Cordina said that ironically the last scene they shot together for this series was a hospital scene.

He said that Saviour, which was the character he played in the television series, was in critical condition and in danger of losing his life. He said that throughout the years they had worked very well together and today John was in a better place.

John also played the part of Manwel in the second part of the INSPECTOR trilogy at the Manoel Theatre. Artistic director Mario Philip Azzopardi had said that this was the first time he had worked with John and when it was time to start working on the television series, they immediately asked him to work with them again.

He said they were lucky that John accepted the part and in the fourth episode, he showed his brilliant talent which was really praiseworthy, Azzopardi concluded by saying that John appeared on television several times, however he said that in the INSPECTOR, John had a scene with a long and complicated monologue which he never tires of watching.