UPDATED: Local Council denies rumours of Carnival being held in Nadur

The Nadur Local Council has officially confirmed that it will not organise Carnival mass events and will also not issue related permits to any entity to organise any Carnival events.

In a statement, the Local Council denied what it described as unfounded rumours that some type of Carnival will be organised this year in Nadur.

The Council said it believes that these times are not appropriate for the gathering of people and for the organisation of events that involve masses of people.

Since Carnival in Nadur is also spontaneous, the Local Council is insisting that nobody should use this as an excuse to meet or gather groups of people in Nadur. The Council added that it is committed that if necessary, it will report to the Police to ensure that order is kept and that no law or Health Authority directive is broken.

Meanwhile, the Artistic Director of the Malta Carnival, Jason Busuttil, has confirmed to TVM that the Carnival in Malta will take a different format to the usual because of current circumstances while he also denied reports that Carnival will take place in the usual manner.

Busuttil told TVM that on the Carnival dates, between 12th and 16th February, will have a different daily format and TVM will transmit three productions adapted to television, including the Qarċilla that will take place on television rather than in the street.

He also said Carnival elements will be posted throughout the country with the collaboration of former university students that studied art.