Local research to address domestic and gender-based violence

An agreement has been signed at the University of Malta between the Commission on Gender-Based Violence and Domestic Violence and the Faculty for Strengthening of Society, which will see more focused work on combating domestic violence.

Minister Owen Bonnici said that this will be based on facts and research while Commissioner Audrey Friggieri spoke about the importance of conducting local research, so that in matters of such a sensitive matter our country did not have to depend on the situations of other countries.

The fight against domestic violence and gender-based violence is ongoing. Despite many advances, discrimination against women, men and LGBIQ people is still felt.

As a result, the Commission on Gender-Based Violence and Domestic Violence has just signed an agreement with the Faculty for the Strengthening of Society at the University of Malta for academics, researchers and activists to conduct policy-driven research to improve society and address the problems of violence with knowledge and education to change the discriminatory culture that exists.

The Minister for Equality, Research and Innovation, Owen Bonnici, explained how people who turn to the Commission will be given fact-based and research-based assistance.

“We have reached an agreement with a faculty within the University of Malta to make sure that everything that is done here is based on strong research and very good academic support. In this way, we believe that we are offering very good support to continue to fight this scourge against domestic violence and gender-based violence. ”

Commissioner for Gender-Based Violence and Domestic Violence, Audrey Friggieri went on to explain the importance of conducting local research, so that as a country with its own culture and identity, we do not depend on research conducted in foreign countries which are different to ours.

Research should be done regularly, to be relevant, and people should be able to be given the appropriate recommendations and services.

“It’s good to know what’s going on in our society, in today’s society, because a lot of times, if you don’t do regular research you rely on old data, old information, and our society has changed a lot and changed rapidly. It’s not the same society of twenty, thirty, forty years ago. So we’re committed to having, as they say, fingers on the pulse and knowing what’s going on out there. ”

In this regard, new offices have been opened in Qormi from which the Commission will start operating in order to be able to give appropriate support to the people who need recourse to it.