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Look for it, pick it up and throw it away – new campaign for cleaner beaches

With the emphasis over the last few years about the pollution and damage caused to the maritime environment due to plastic, Malta has launched a campaign aimed to keep the beaches around the Maltese islands cleaner.

Fittex, Iġbor u Armi –  (Look for it, pick it up and throw it away) are the three small actions of the  new campaign which is encouraging everyone who goes to the beach to make a collective effort to keep them cleaner.

The campaign is being led by the founders of the website which advises thousands of people on the best beaches for swimming.

Collaborating in this campaign are the NGO Żibel, the Tourism Authority, and XFM radio station, with the aim of creating a culture among the public that when they see litter at the beach, especially plastic, they should pick it up and threw it away in the rubbish bins provided on site.

Glenn Grech, one of the portal’s founders, said that this is something we need to do as a country and everyone is being encouraged to dedicate just five minutes to do their part in this campaign.

“If you are going to spend two or three hours at the beach, spending just five minutes to pick up plastic bottles does not require much effort. Ultimately, you are not picking up something dirty, but on the other hand, the plastic bottle is very harmful to the sea,” said Mr Grech.

He said that if everyone who goes to the beach does his part, the beaches will not only be cleaner, but more importantly, the litter thrown there will not end up in the sea’s ecosystem.

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