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Look what this US Presidential candidate draws on his hand each day

As the race for the election of the President of the US reaches its peak, during the debate between the candidates for the Democratic Party nomination, people noticed an unusual pen drawing on one of the candidate’s hands.

On his left hand he had a large cross surrounded by four smaller crosses.

It is not the first time that the candidate, Tom Steyer, has been spotted with this drawing on his hand. In fact, he has been doing this for the last two years.

In the past, the explained that this symbol is known as the Jerusalem Cross and goes back to when the Christians invaded Jerusalem to take the land back from the Muslims. There are many theories about what the cross might mean, including Christ and the four Gospels, the five wounds of Christ on the cross or simply the four points of the compass..

Steyer said that he draws this on his hand to remind himself that he should always tell the truth, no matter what, and despite the fact that, “this might be a drawback in politics”.

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