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Lotto ticket, former partner cause problems

31-year-old Christian Said has ended up in Court on a charge of stealing a charity collection tin from a Birkirkara Lotto Office just over two years ago. It emerged in Court that on the day of the theft Said had gone to the Lotto Office to purchase a ticket together with his partner at the time, Sandra Grixti. It resulted from Grixti’s evidence and from cctv videos, however, that it was Grixti who had taken the tin from the counter, and that she had not planned with the accused that she would be taking it, with the accused also denying that he knew what was happening or that he was involved in the theft. His former partner testified that he had become aware of the money after they left the Lotto Office, and accused denied that he knew the money came from the theft of the charity collection tin. The Court, Magistrate Josette Demicoli presiding, concluded that the accused was not guilty as charged, and released him.