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Luke Chapelle lands a 4-year deal with major Record Label from LA

Xfactor Maltese singer and songwriter Luke Chapelle is making waves in the music scene after gaining attention online through his impeccable presence from his Streams and Views, which later on led to Luke having a major Record Label from LA wanting to sign him for a 4-year deal on a song.

After major meetings and several emails, signed and released his Debut single ‘Lonely Again’, this year through BangersOnly Record Label summing up more than 15,000 streams in the first two days of his release. Luke is set to have more works and projects being done under the radar during this time, with major collaborations to happen soon with very talented people which are known to be verified on Instagram which have a total of 15K followers and more.

Chapelle pursued to continue his career as a musician after participating in Xfactor Malta with more original content in which he released through Spotify and Youtube, gaining more than 325,000 Streams in less than a year. Chappell, then continued working on original content and is known as well as awaited to release a debut Album very soon in the following year (2021). In progress of working on the album, Luke is collaborating with very artistic people both from the local scene and as well as foreign artists and producers. In the very start of Luke’s career shortly after xfactor, people from the local scene like members from Red Electric (Aleandro Monsigneur and Peter Borg) also having his mentor/co-writer and friend (Matthew Muxu Mercieqa) which all have helped Luke to kick start his career off by producing his first hit ‘Head in the Clouds’ which has an impressive overall total number of more than 300K Streams on Spotify, with listeners from all around the world namely the top 10 most streamed countries which are the following; United Kingdom, United States, Canada, France, Germany, Norway, India, Italy, and lastly and surprisingly Malta at 10th place.

Chappell released his debut Single ‘Head in the Clouds’ shortly after Xfactor in 2019, July. It reached number one on 89.7 Bay’s top ten charts. It also got nominated for best song in the ‘Lovin Malta Awards’ as well as ‘Magic Malta Awards’ this past year.

Fans all over the world are tuning in every month, with over 86 Countries streaming and saving ‘Head in the Clouds’ on Spotify. Over the past 6 months, Luke has gained over a total of 6.2K listeners every month, from each individual country listed above from his top ten most streamed countries.

Chappell then released his second single called ‘Human’ back in 2019, October. Shortly after that he started getting nominated for more awards like best solo artist, and best male artist of the year. He is now working on his debut Album and soon known to be releasing more singles to count down to the release of the Album.

Apart from working on collaborations, Chappell is set to work on and release his debut Album later on in 2021, the Album has yet to be confirmed with Luke on its name and if he will have any features on it.