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Luqa parish church ceiling inaugurated

Luqa parishioners this weekend started admiring the new image at their parish church with the completion of the nine-year project and the inauguration of works of painting, sculpture and gilding on the ceiling above the choir.

Following the completion in May 2010 of restoration work on the church dome, Luqa parish priest, Canon Michael Zammit said the current works are being made as the Church collapsed during World War II and gradually along the years it is being given a new image.

“After the war, the people of Luqa felt that this temple should be rebuilt to give glory to God under the patronage of St Andrew. In recent years, work started on the painting where in the eighties the dome’s lunettes were completed and then in 2010 the restoration of the dome was concluded and even the painting and sculpture”.

The works were carried out by painter Paul Camilleri Cauchi, sculptor Joseph Micallef and gilder John Pace. They complement the titular painting by Mattia Preti which shows the martyrdom of St Andrew and works by Emvin Cremona portraying St Andrew before and after his martyrdom. On the ceiling, Camilleri Cauchi painted St Andrew in heaven’s glory.

The Luqa parish priest said that the works were completed through the generosity of the community and amounted to some €90,000. The plan is to continue with the church project with other paintings and sculptures, which Canon Zammit said requires big financial costs.

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