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Denied bail after being caught with 1.5 kilos of drugs and two firearms

Cliff Borg, a 35-year-old man from Mosta, was not granted bail after being arraigned in Court charged with being in possession of 1.5 kilos of cannabis in circumstances that showed the drug was being trafficked. It was stated in Court this amount would produce 7,000 joints.

Appearing before Magistrate Doreen Clarke, Police Inspector Justine Grech said that Borg had been placed under arrest after information was received regarding drug trafficking and a few days early the accused was seen disposing of a bag that contained drugs. She explained that at Borg’s residence, Police had found two unlicenced firearms and another in his vehicle.

Borg entered a plea of not guilty and through his Defence Counsel of lawyers Franco Debono and Mario Camilleri requested bail. The Prosecution strongly objected because investigations are still ongoing.

Magistrate Clarke denied bail and ordered the freezing of the accused’s assets because of the accusations related to drug trafficking.