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“You cannot badly damage a person’s home and it’s as if nothing has happened”

The residents cannot yet return to their homes. Janet Walker said all their possessions are inside gathering mould and there is a deathly stench about the place.

Raymond Brincat said even his things that were broken had been bulldozed away without his knowledge.

Expenses have continued to mount. Janet Walker said her family is facing bills that have accumulated to €2,000. After the incident she had to immediately purchase a walker for her mother who suffered a fall without it because her mother has to use a wheelchair.

In another comment, Martin Gatt said he has no control over the money being spent because missing things have to be purchased.

More of his money is being spent on petrol said Raymond Brincat because of the coming and going in his vehicle which previously used to be parked nearby.

These residents stated that the developer’s insurance company is stretching matters out and delaying on minor details. At first they were told to retain all receipts of expenditure and now the company is stating that not all receipts are valid and this means that about half are invalidated.

Raymond said attempts are being made to brush off as much responsibility as possible as well as to create scenarios. Thus, time is elapsing and the matter becomes cooler and cooler.

The residents had words of praise for the Housing Authority which has provided alternative accommodation but naturally, their wish is to return to their own homes.

Martin said it is becoming impossible to continue living in the alternative accommodation because his wife has to ascend three floors to hang her washing on the roof and their family consists of five persons and therefore she has to wash their clothing and linen every day. She has to climb three floors about four or five times daily and that certainly is worrying.

Raymond Brincat has remained traumatised by the incident and each sound he hears he feels that things around him are about to collapse. He said it is not believable that your home should be so damaged that you are forced to leave traumatised, without money, without knowing what to do and yet it is as if nothing has happened.

These residents are like souls in Purgatory awaiting the result of the Inquiry while Television Malta is informed that the onus of responsibility for the whole tragedy will soon be made known.

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