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“There were no u-turns” – Bernard Grech regarding his Shadow Cabinet choices

The Leader of the Opposition, Bernard Grech, dismissed media reports that he had done a u-turn when announcing his new Shadow Cabinet of Spokespersons. Interviewed during the programme “Insights” on Television Malta, Dr Grech said he agrees there should be discussions on the legalisation of the use of cannabis for recreational purposes as well as on euthanasia and prostitution while appealing to the Government to address disquiet among people about the Rent Law.

The Opposition Leader said the reshuffle of the PN Parliamentary Group is part of the revision carried out in the PN with an aim of relaying his vision for the country. He denied there had been u-turns in his Shadow Cabinet choices.

Dr Grech said it was untrue that anybody had stormed out and banged the door. However, as had been reported the process had involved phases leading to his final decisions and the re-shuffle he desired.

Asked about the input of Dr Louis Galea in the reshuffle, Bernard Grech said he was not involved. Regarding the participation of Ray Bezzina he said he is one of the persons helping him in his work.

Regarding the fact that Kristy Debono works with the Gaming Authority and has been appointed as Spokesperson for the Economy and Gaming despite the fact that the Commissioner for Public Standards, Dr George Hyzler, had said that such appointments create a conflict of interest, Dr Grech said he wants to give everybody who wants to work, an opportunity.

He said the case in question is being mentioned as a conflict of interest and is being used to limit her working in this capacity but he believes in her capability and this is only a political ploy or a matter of mistaken politics.

Asked whether Adrian Delia had been offered a position, Dr Grech said that Dr Delia want to continue working for the Party but did not want to be tied down to just one sector. Regarding social aspects, Grech appealed to the Government to address several concerns being aired by the public, including that of the Law on Rent.

He said some very concerned persons are those who have lot cases in Court and have been dismissed from their homes and their rental. Some owners are angry because they have had a home for a long time but cannot enjoy it and they have to resort to Court to regain their home because of unjust legislation.

Regarding the legalisation of cannabis for recreational purposes and euthanasia, Grech said national discussions are needed while regarding prostitution he said that victims should be given the help they need.