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“I don’t think that wearing a red hat will change my life” – wishes to work in a parish or a hospital

Cardinal Mario Grech has expressed the wish that while in Rome he would like to carry out pastoral work in a parish and if this is not possible to work among the poor and visit the sick in hospital.

In an exclusive interview with Television Malta, Monsignor Grech said that in the eventuality of a Conclave, this would be one of the great responsibilities he has to carry.

Cardinal Grech said he is who he is because he is a son of the Gozo Diocese. He said this is perhaps one of the reasons why Pope Francis has given him his new role.

He said this is not a Cardinality that has been given to Fr Mario but a Cardinality given to the Gozo Diocese as an appreciation of an active Christian life. It is enough to mention the missionary dimension this Diocese has in the Church and he extended this to the Malta Diocese as well.

In the eventuality of having to attend and participate in a Conclave, this is a great responsibility and is a concern that he has to think about to be an active participant with his colleagues for them to decide wisely who is to follow as the successor of St Peter.

Monsignor Grech said that as a resident in Rome he still does not know what role Pope Francis has for him. His work is currently focused on his role as Secretary General to the Synod of Bishops and is also a Consulter to the Secretariat for Christian Unity. He said he feels this is another reason for his calling by the Pope.

He said in a manner of speaking the Pope has used him to show that the Synod is in his heart.

Cardinal Grech expressed his wish that his work not be restricted to an office but to continue his sacerdotal duties in a parish. However, he has already been informed this is a difficult possibility. If this is not possible he has it in mind to work among the poor or to visit the sick in a hospital.

Monsignor Grech stated that living in Rome will not change him. He said he has a mission not only in the Synod of Bishops but in the Church Synod which is a Franciscan project. Therefore wearing a red hat will not change his life.