People still should not hug or shake hands

Although there has been some relaxation of restrictive measures and the number of Covid-19 cases seems to have remained stable, Public Health Superintendent, Professor Charmaine Gauci, has continued to maintain that people cannot resort to several past practices such as hugging and handshaking.

Asked by TVM about the booking of farmhouses and villas, particularly in Gozo, Professor Gauci also maintained the time has not yet come to enable families to mingle and therefore persons going to such places for a holiday should do so only with their family.

Asked by journalists about plans in other countries, Profs Gauci pointed out that Malta had not been lockdown in the manner of other countries except that of confinement for vulnerable and elderly persons. She said the country has managed to control the situation and stabilise numbers because the Authorities worked on risk evaluation.

She said certain measures were relaxed after risk evaluation was carried out and all necessary criteria taken into account but she indicated that persons cannot speculate beforehand which further measures are to be relaxed and which establishments enabled to be reopened. The same may be said for travel although Ryanair has announced it is to recommence flights in July.

Regarding the reopening of schools, the Superintendent said discussions are ongoing with the Education Authorities of how schools may reopen and measures and limitations that have to be taken. However, these will materialise when it is decided that schools will reopen.

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