Magistrate asks Transport Malta to ensure that those who lose their licence are informed

Magistrate has asked Transport Malta to ensure that those who lose their driving licence due to points being deducted, should receive a letter to inform them that said licence has been suspended.

Magistrate Victor Axiak remarked that the sentence in which the man was found guilty of driving negligently had a suspended license.

The Magistrate said that the accused, or anyone on his behalf, had collected a letter by which he was informed that his licence had been revoked.

He complained that this situation was a common one which he sees in his Court and therefore urged Transport Malta to see that documentation is done properly.

Magistrate Axiak said that this can be done by Transport Malta officials personally distributinng the letter or else asking for the signature of whoever receives the letter on behalf of the person.

“The court underlined the importance of retaining this evidence because it appears that the procedure of Transport Malta when a licence s revoked with points starts applying from when the user is notified and not from the date when the revocation takes place,” he pointed out.