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Magistrate rebukes Prosectution on collection of evidence

An incident in Gzira on Saturday night has led to a rebuke by MagistrateJoe Mifsud for the way the Prosecution handled the case and, in fact, in his sentence, Magistrate Mifsud appealed to the authorities within the Police Corps to emphasise better training for the Police on how to collect evidence.

In this case, the 28-year-old man, Carlos Stivala, was accused of dangerous driving, of disobeyng Police orders and of continuing to drive despite being ordered to stop. He was also charged with needlessly placing the lives of innocent people at risk.

Magistrate Mifsud said that, apart from the fact that the acts as presented in Court show otherwise, the court did not have any proof that anyone was in danger. The Magistrate expressed his concern at how the Prosecution had carried out its investigation, including the involvement of the Attorney General which did not examine the procedural acts of the case properly.

Stivala was charged with 12 charges regarding this incident and was only found guilty on four of them. He was also fined €200.