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Majority of Maltese youths are happy with their quality of lifestyle

Eight out of every 10 Maltese youths are satisfied with education, work and their quality of lifestyle.

This resulted in a survey by a youth agency among over 500 youths, with the findings published on the occasion of the World Youth Day.

80 per cent of youths interviewed said that they are satisfied with their education and various available job opportunities, while three out of four youths said that they are happy with their life quality and the positive and constructive social behaviour in the country.

The survey was carried out by the National Statistics Office among 511 female and male youths aged between 16 and 30.

The survey, commissioned by Aġenzija Żgħażagħ, dealt with experiences, expectations and opinions of youths on education, jobs and lifestyles.

The research showed that youths believe they should be active citizens, however three quarters of the youths are not members in any non-government organisation.

“It is something we have to work on. A number which compares well with European average, however it is something we have to work on. This study gives an opportunity for us to draft policies based on evidence”.

Jason Zammit from Aġenzija Żgħażagħ also said that the research showed that over 70 per cent of youths said that they are ready to welcome refugees in their communities, however there were much less who said they are ready to marry someone of a different religion. He added that this shows that youths are not liberal as the perception seem to indicate.

The research is part of a project financed by the Erasmus + programme that Aġenzija Żgħażagħ presented on the International Day of Youths, which this year has the theme of Transforming Education aimed that encouraging youths to be the change, but are themselves active to involve other youths.

Aġenzija Żgħażagħ also carried out a qualitative survey among 900 youths. Among others, it showed that challenges for youths include mental health, social media, co-relation with friends and ways to find time to involve themselves in voluntary work.

Parliamentary Secretary for Youths, Clifton Grima, who was presented with some recommendations made by the youths, said that the Government supports such research that assists in drafting youth policy based on evidence.

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