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About 200 persons stopped from crossing from Ċirkewwa to Gozo

Travel between Malta and Gozo has for the last 33 days been limited to residents or those that have to cross the Gozo Channel for work reasons.

According to figures obtained by Television Malta, the majority are observing these restrictions but during Easter Week about 200 passengers and 100 vehicles were banned from travel between the two islands by Gozo Channel employees. Some were also stopped on the wharves for the same reasons.

TVM went to Gozo to see the effect the restrictions are having.

The pandemic has disrupted daily routines for all and the restrictions have slowed down developments in all areas in Gozo.

This slowdown is noteworthy at Ċirkewwa. In Pjazza San Franġisk in Rabat, Gozo, normally a hub of activity, there was only the presence of some elderly who congregated in two persons and according to their words, helped each other to pass their time.

Non-essential travel to Gozo has been banned from 11th March onward but even so there have been some, particularly during Easter Week, who have tried to ignore restrictions and make the journey anyway. Gozo Channel figures show that about 200 person and 100 vehicles had to be stopped from making the crossing.

The Chairperson of Gozo Channel said that although the majority of the public have complied to regulations issued by the Public Health Department, some still tried to make the crossing without valid reasons and these had to be stopped by the company.

During the period from 30th March and 4th April, 32 passengers and 13 vehicles had to be stopped from making the crossing. Chairperson Cordina said the restrictions have caused a great financial impact on Gozo Channel. He said the restrictions are causing daily losses of thousands of euro and therefore the public and the company should cooperate for the situation to be returned to normal.

In a comment to Television Malta, Gozo Minister Clint Camilleri showed his appreciation for those officials ensuring the restrictions are maintained and urged all to continue taking necessary precautions as stipulated by the Health Authorities.