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“Malta achieved organisational skills which should not be lost”

Prime Minister Joseph Muscat said that 11 days away from the end of the European Union Council Presidency, Malta may say that it won the respect of European institutions and achieved organisational skills which should not be put aside after the six-month Presidency.  He stated that Malta also achieved a record in the amount of decisions taken during the Presidency under the Juncker Commission.

Prime Minister Muscat maintained the practice of the previous legislature and met with the MEUSAC Core Group members before attended the last summit in Brussels before the end of the Maltese Presidency. With the representatives of MEUSAC, he discussed the positions that Malta will take on issues which will be discussed including Brexit, security, jobs u migration.

Regarding Brexit, Dr Muscat said it is difficult that a solution will be reached in a short time which satisfies everyone, even if both sides entered negotiations with good faith. The Prime Minister added that during the six-month presidency, Malta won the respect of the European institutions and the public administration achieved new skills.

“I was informed that in certain structures we were the most Presidency that concluded and reached decisions during the Juncker Commission term. Apart from this, I am looking forward that the trained people and those with contacts with other officials on a European level are not lost but this network remains in place for the country”.

MEUSAC head, Vanni Xuereb, said that Meusac became an agency two weeks ago and it will renew its structures to continue with its service to society even as far as EU funds are concerned, aimed at civil society organisations.

Replying to media questions, the Prime Minister reiterated that Malta agrees with European regulations against tax evasion, however it wants that competency in the taxation sector remains under governments’ control. He said that Malta will continue to defend the principle regarding measures which reduce the just element of competition in the taxation sector. On MFSA, Dr Muscat said that it performed very well and the Government will continue to strengthen it in the context of EU regulations on the regulators in the financial services sector.

Asked about alleged political transfers, the Prime Minister stated that there are exigencies of service, however if someone is claiming political transfers he can go before the Ombudsman and all the institutions for a just solution.

Regarding the Government companies and agencies boards, Dr Muscat said he does not see any reason for changes at the moment. He added that Ministers and Parliamentary Secretaries will look into the situation and where there are changes, this will be done with tranquility.


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