Malta acquires derogation for more help for farmers

Malta has acquired a derogation to be able to give direct aid to farmers. This has been confirmed during the meeting of the Council of Agriculture Ministers held in Luxembourg, which was attended by Agriculture, Fisheries, Food and Animal Rights Minister Anton Refalo.

It was pointed out in a statement that Malta has ensured the definition of rural zones is determined by the member states in the Strategic Plan. In this manner, it will be ensured that Malta’s rural zones will continue to benefit from funds for rural development and will address their territorial realities.

A new element in this reform is the introduction of eco-systems. It was stated that Malta has made an important acquisition through the guarantee of the necessary flexibilities, including a rebate mechanism that recognises the efforts already being made by farmers in the second PAK pillar.

The derogation exempting small farmers from certain environmental obligations and which will reduce the administrative burden was also confirmed,

The Council also formally adopted in the European Regulation the increase of nearly 1,500 tons in the allocation of the maximum amount of tuna allowed into Maltese fish farms during this year’s season.