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Malta among top 10 world countries with best health service

According to a list published by the medical journal The Lancet, Malta is in eighth place in a list of 188 countries in regard to United Nations health aims.

The Government said in a statement that Malta had been in 14th place in a similar analysis published last year. This means that during this year considerable improvement has been registered, leading to Malta advancing by six places on this list.

This study takes into account a number of indicators for sustainable development in the health sector, and Malta was given maximum points – 100 – in a number of areas, including child mortality, malaria, and deaths resulting from poisoning. Malta was also awarded very good points (over 90) in regard to innoculation, sanitation, water quality anf hygiene.

Indicators referred to in the study, which Malta still has to work on, include obesity in children and the incidence of HIV.