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Malta among world’s happiest countries

Malta has continued to advance in the annual index of the world’s happiest countries, and has now climbed to 22nd placing on a list of 156 countries. Malta was 27th last year, and 30th in the previous year.

Despite their somewhat harsh climate and the long, dark winters, the people of Finland have been found to be the happiest in the world, according to an annual survey carried out by a United Nations-affiliated group. Whereas the people of Burundi are the least happy. Finland had been in fifth place last year. The first ten placings include the Scandinavian countries, Switzerland, Holland, Canada, New Zealand and Australia.

The index started being compiled in 2012 by a network for solutions of sustainable development( SDSN), and is based on per capita economic wealth, social support, life expectancy, social freedom, generosity and corruption.


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