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Malta and China sign agreement on co-operation in tourism

The Malta Tourism Authority and the Committee responsible for the Development of Tourism in the Chinese province of Guizhou have signed a co-operation agreement which will lead to a partnership and joint ventures between the two sides.

By means of this agreement, which will remain in effect until 31 December, Malta and China will explore ways in which they can improve their exchanges in the tourism sector. The agreement has the aim of facilitating the knowledge and communiations between the two sides, both where the relative departments of this sector are concerned, as well as in connection with enterprises and institutions within the tourism field. It will also ensure that there will be participation in fairs which are related to tourism in both countries.

Opportunities will be identified so that between 2018 and 2019, the satellite station in Guizhou will broadcast programmes related to tourism to Malta. At the same time, the MTA will facilitate the transmission of programmes related to tourism in the province of Guizhou on Maltese TV stations.

Speaking on behalf of the MTA, the Chief Executive Paul Bugeja said that the Authority will continue to remain dedicated to increasing more awareness about Malta as a tourist destination in the Chinese market and that, by signing this agreement, another step has been taken in this direction.

The agreement was signed between the Chairman of the MTA ,Dr Gavin Gulia, and the Vice Governor of the People’s Government of Guizhou Province, He Li.