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Malta and Cyprus agree to open embassies jointly in a number of countries

Minister for Foreign and European Affairs Evarist Bartolo has had a meeting with the Cypriot Minister for Foreign Affairs Nikos Christodoulides in Nicosia.

Both Ministers discussed ways to strengthen links between both countries in the political and commercial sectors. They also agreed to continue opening embassies jointly in a number of countries in order to help each other because of Malta’s size limitations.

Minister Bartolo declared that as a small state, Malta can understand Cyprus’s difficult situation and its problems with Turkey because of ownership of the seas between both countries as well as ownership of gas and oil in the surrounding seas.

Minister Bartolo added that Malta wants the issues to be solved fairly for everyone’s sake, with respect to international laws and sovereignty. The Minister added that the countries involved should seek a compromise, failing which, the conflict will escalate and result in more suffering than any compromise.

Minister Bartolo explained the major difficulties being faced by Malta as a result of irregular migration, and how European Union countries had only taken eight per cent of landed migrants. The Minister reiterated that on the strength of cooperation with the Libyan coastguard. some 3,700 migrants have been prevented from reaching Malta.

Minister Bartolo also met with the Secretary-General of the Cypriot Parliament, Socrates Socratous, with both stressing on a commitment to strengthen relations between both countries in the migration sector and peace in the Mediterranean, and for Cyprus to reunite and communities to live together.