Malta appears to have escaped the worst of the bad storm – however strong winds expected

Malta appears to have escaped the worst of the bad storms which were supposed to hit the islands both yesterday and today.

During TVAM, which is transmitted on TVMnews+, weather expert, Clinton Caruana said that although the storm is moving towards the southeast of Malta, its route has changed and therefore it appears that Malta has escaped the worst of it. It will pass from the eastern part of the island and head toward Catania, going south instead of going towards Sicily.

He explained that although Malta will not be affected, this is being classified as a tropical storm. He said the storm is getting its energy from a difference in temperature, but mostly because the sea is still warm.

Speaking about the wind he said that it is expected to reach Force 8 later on.

Clinton said that as from Friday the weather is expected to return to normal. However, he explained that for now it will keep being felt at sea because it is going to be very windy.