Malta at the forefront of ‘the right to disconnect’

We’re a step closer to a new European directive that give workers the right to disconnect from work in their free time.

This as the report of the Maltese MEP Alex Agius Saliba on this issue was passed in the European Parliament with 472 in favor, 126 votes against and 83 abstentions.

In comments to TVM’s Glenn Flazon, Dr Agius Saliba expressed the wish that Malta be a pioneer in this field.

The European Parliament has pushed for European workers, including Maltese workers, to have the right not to answer telephone calls or emails after working hours or during their free time.

In comments to Television Malta, MEP, Alex Agius Saliba, described this moment as revolutionary, because it will breathe life into the workers.

” I am proud that we have managed to gain very strong support at European basis, so that particularly during the challenging times we are facing, but even after, we do not turn our backs on European workers, or treat them like robots or machine but as people with dignity”

This law is now in the hands of the European Commission, which wants to launch a consultation process with stakeholders, including employers’ associations at European basis. Mr Agius Saliba expressed the wish that Malta, like Ireland, be a pioneer in this field.

Maltese and Gozitan workers will be able to reap the benefits before the end of the European legislative process and Malta, as a country, will be a pioneer in the implementation of the Right to Disconnect. That’s my ambition. That’s my wish. Let our country be an example to other member states and not have to wait for the European Union to legislate.

European labour laws require, among other things, that any worker may not work more than 48 hours a week.