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Malta presiding Vice Presidency on UN General Assembly

Through its UN Ambassador, Carmelo Inguanez, Malta is presiding some of the 74 sessions organised by the UN’s General Assembly. This is a result of after 18 years Malta having been selected as a Vice President during the current session while Prime Minister Joseph Muscat is expected to address the Assembly in the coming week.

During an interview with TVM, Ambassador Inguanez expressed his optimism that Malta will achieve its aim that in four years’ time it will acquire a non-permanent chair on the UN’s Security Council.

This year Malta has greater visibility at the UN after Ambassador Inguanez was elected as an Assembly Vice President by a group of western countries as well as others including Canada, New Zealand and Israel. He said his nomination had not been contested and this shows the faith and confidence that Malta enjoys at the United Nations.

Ambassador Inguanez said that as Vice President of the General Assembly, Malta is offered more visibility because other countries note that Malta is contributing to the Assembly’s agenda to eliminated poverty and injustice and retain sustainable development high on its agenda.

These agenda points are not only contained in resolutions but are embedded on the floor entrance of the UN Headquarters. Inguanez said these themes, together with multi-lateralism, are expected to be part of the PM’s agenda when this Thursday he will address the General Assembly in a week that is dedicated to the entire world leadership.

The fact that Malta is presiding the Assembly acts as a prelude to 2023 by which time Malta is aspiring to acquire a seat on the UN’s Security Council. Ambassador Inguanez is optimistic that Malta will achieve this.

He said that what is certain is that there are two candidates for this, Switzerland and Malta and there are two vacant places and therefore there is a probability that Malta is favoured. However, it cannot be excluded that another country may also contest.

The Ambassador said that Malta has always worked on UN values throughout the years and Malta has occupied various positions in the world organisation. He said the function of Vice Presidency as well as Malta’s candidature after 30 years to once more sit on the Security Council is part of the Government’s plan to promote the country on multi-cultural themes for peace and world security.

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