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Malta with the greatest employment increase in the EU

Malta, together with Estonia, registered the greatest increase in employment between April and June when compared with the previous three months.

Eurostat figures show that both Malta and Estonia had 1.3% increases in employment, followed by Poland with 1.2%, Cyprus with 1% and Luxembourg with 0.9%.

Least increases in the Second Quarter of the year were registered by Latvia, Portugal and Romania with 0.3% and Bulgaria 0.2%.

Throughout the Eurozone, in the same quarter, employment rose by 0.4%, while the increase in all EU Member Countries was that of 0.5%.

When compared to the same period last year the Eurozone had an increase of 1.5% and all the EU the increase was 1.4%.

In fact Malta registered the greatest increase in employment of 5.5% for the April-June period this year when compared to the same quarter last year.

Malta was followed by Cyprus with an increase of 4.3% and Ireland with an increase of 3.4%.

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