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Malta classifies in 51st place among 180 countries in Corruption Index – PN reaction

Malta has classified in 51st place out of 180 countries in the Corruption Perception Index, which is published each year by Transparency International. Since last year’s index, Malta has gone down three places. Transparency International said that no county out of the 180 countries examined has ever received a certificate of absolutely no corruption.

In the last Corruption Perception Index, Malta obtained 66 points out of 100 which is the average number of points from EU and Western countries and classified in 51st place out of 180 countries. Among EU countries, there are 8 countries which classified behind Malta including Italy, Greece, Hungary and Slovakia. A report issued recently by the Venice Commission estimates that corruption in the 28 EU member states is estimated to cost €990 billion per year. Despite this, the index by Transparency International places the European Union and Western Europe as the least corrupt regions.

Transparency International placed Malta with the group of countries which also includes Australia and the EU where the perception of corruption is increasing. Transparency International said that many countries are not managing to control corruption and from 2012 to date, only 20 countries improved their points while 16 countries decreased their points. The index shows that two-thirds of the countries have not even managed to obtain 50 out of 100 points, with the average of the 180 countries being 43 points.

From the index, it emerges that Denmark and New Zealand are considered to be the least corrupt with 88 and 87 points respectively. On the other hand, the countries considered to be the most corrupt are Somalia, Northern Sudan, and Syria which obtained 10 and 13 points respectively.

This voluntary organisation which is a watchdog on signals of corruption compiles its index from various factors including freedom of speech, the strength of the country’s institutions and even civil society activism. Transparency International said that there is a link between corruption and democracy and pointed out that corruption threatens democracy.

Reacting to the report, the Nationalist Party leader Adrian Delia said in a statement that the Labour Party when in Opposition had adopted the corruption index issued by Transparency International. Dr Delia stated that with this index, it now emerges that the Labour Government is the most ever corrupt government in Malta. He said that the Transparency International adviser’s comments, the scandals involving the government including the secret companies in Panama, Pilatus Bank and the selling of passports left a great impact on the country’d index in the report. Dr Delia said that Prime Minister should assume political responsibility and refrains from further damage to Malta’s reputation.


TVM wants to correct some inaccuracies published on Tuesday when it reported various figures from the corruption perception index, issued by Transparency International.

In this index, Malta had gone down five places and not three. Malta achieved 54 points from 100, twelve points less than the average of 66 points of the European Union and Western European countries.

It also emerged that there were seven and not eight European Union countries who obtained less points than Malta and were classified after Malta in the general classification.

We apologize for the error in last Tuesday’s report.


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