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Malta deserves a positive PN and a strong Opposition – Adrian Delia

Nationalist Party and Opposition leader Adrian Delia stated that the Nationalist Party has a right to see that the country is re-born and to see that Malta truly belongs to everyone. Dr Delia said Malta deserves a positive Nationalist Party and a strong Opposition, whilst reiterating the Nationalist Party is one and united.

The PN leader said the Party is in a difficult financial situation, as it has big debts. Dr Delia explained that a number of Party clubs have been placed in a trust, to enable the financial situation to be placed on a stable footing. Dr Delia promised that after an audit of the financial situation, the new administration will start giving a breakdown to those who support the party, and who have a right to know how their money is being used.

Referring to the fundraising marathon, Dr Delia stated that 620,000 euro had been raised as he had been visiting people and even Labour Party clubs so that the message would reach everyone.

During a political activity at Balzan Dr Delia stated that the Nationalist Party was one and united despite existing differences, as after lengthy discussions on every topic, the Party speaks with one voice and one direction. Dr Delia explained that after elections for the new party administration, it was normal that there would be certain uncertainties, as certain persons needed more time to be convinced. Dr Delia added that this situation would be reduced in time, as the party was open to dialogue and was not totalitarian, where those who do not agree with the leader are kicked out.

Dr Delia spoke about the Nationalist Party’s work in Parliament, adding that the PN had presented motions to strengthen institutions. Dr Delia said the Opposition would be a positive one, for the good of the country. The PN leader added that just as the PN had managed in the past to change the face of the country, it would do the same if it managed to gain the people’s confidence. Dr Delia explained that the party is proud of its achievements, but at the same time it is humble and admits its mistakes.

Dr Delia said the Nationalist Party does not want to talk about partisan interests, but rather, about the people’s needs, including those 100,000 persons who don’t make it to the end of the month with their income.