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Malta Enterprise started receiving applications from enterprises on salary payments by the Government

The Malta Enterprise is receiving applications by business owners so that the Government pays up to €800 a month of their workers’ salary aimed at halting the loss of jobs due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

Malta Enterprise chief executive, Kurt Farrugia, said that within a few hours the agency received over 1,200 applications from businesses for the use of funds from the financial assistance package, announced by Prime Minister Robert Abela.

The Malta Enterprise is receiving and processing these applications through a specific website for the use of funds for full-time and part-time workers’ salaries through the Government’s financial package that assists enterprises in various sectors of the economy, which are negatively affected with some even closing down. It is estimated that the Government will be allocating some €70 million a month in salary assistance for private enterprises.

Mr Farrugia said that in the initial hours they received some 1,235 applications from businesses. He added that from 1,101 applications, the Government will be covering the full pay of 800 euro a month for 2,349 full-time workers and up to 400 euro for the salary of part-time workers.

“These scheme affect businesses who stopped working because they were told to stop operating, or those who were directly affected as the business they serviced had stopped operating”.

He added that the Malta Enterprise is assisting enterprises who had to reduce their operation. “All enterprises may benefit from the government announced schemes, with the exception of those who, somehow, continued with their activity”.

Mr Farrugia stated that 480 applications were received by businesses to be covered for workers quarantine leave, which will be given 350 euro for each worker. He said that businesses may also apply for the postponement of pending tax payments to the government for the period of March and April.

He said that all the details on the assistance schemes for businesses and their workers are accessible on the Malta Enterprise official website.

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